Choose Intentional Living.com is about making choices in our lives with intent; thoughtful consideration of the pros and cons of each choice; the impact our choices have on ourselves, our families, and our world.  We have launched this experiment as a means of sharing our thoughts about the choices we are making in our lives. 

To evaluate choices, its important to have a clear understanding of one's value system.  For us, triple bottom line accounting - where we simultaneously value financial, environmental, and social capital - is an important means of quantifying our choices.  Our approach to sustainable living considers life cycle assessment.  Our approach to social justice considers equality of opportunity.

Topics of interest we are exploring include:
  1. Shelter (i.e., US DoE Solar Decathlon, Tiny homes)
  2. Transportation (i.e., ZipCar, Capital Bikeshare)
  3. Diet (i.e., Growing Power, Rolla Community Garden)
  4. Consumption (i.e., The Whole Green Catalog, Good Guide)
  5. Community (i.e., Community Partnership, Common Change)