Community engagement is the participation of members of a community assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating solutions to problems that affect them. As such, community engagement involves interpersonal trust, communication, and collaboration. Such engagement, or participation, should focus on, and result from, the needs, expectations, and desires of a community's members. Community is not solely defined by geographic boundaries and may include residents, users, community organizations and institutions, neighborhood associations, businesses and workers, cultural communities, advocacy groups, students and youth.”

Rolla is blessed to have a rich heritage of community engagement.  We have chosen to become active in the Community Partnership as a means of working to provide equality of opportunity to everyone in the Rolla area.

To grow our participation in community in a larger context, we have become proud supporters Common Change, an online platform that allows groups of donors to pool shared resources and share support for those in need.  The web site makes the global into a local community.