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The village of Asakrabreman (Wassa Amenfi West District) is located in Western Ghana within a short distance from the Ivory Coast.  As a remote village, Asakrabreman suffers from a lack of community services including health care and vocational training.

To address these issues, we facilitated the formation of a partnership between a 501c3 NGO based in the United States (OLMCinc) and an equivalent NGO based in Ghana (Good Health Messengers).  Land has been acquired, initial funds have been acquired, and site preparation and construction has been initiated on a health clinic, a community center, and a shrine.  Collectively, these facilities will provide a focal point for development outreach in the community.

In addition to the physical facilities, both transportation infrastructure and clinic supplies are being acquired.  In the spring of 2014, two ambulances were delivered from the United States to the clinic site in Ghana.  In addition, a team from the United States, which included representatives from Project C.U.R.E., visited the region and initiated a long term plan to secure donated medical equipment and financing to support overseas shipping and local delivery of materials and supplies to a dozen clinics and hospitals in the region.

As part of this project, we pledge to measure and report the following:
  1. the attitudes and knowledge of the community before and after the construction and equipping of the community center (with an expectation that the project will improve attitudes and increase knowledge);
  2. summary results of medical treatment provided by the clinic; and
  3. the financial status of those who receive vocational training at the facility.
We are seeking financial partners to sponsor aspects of this project including:
  1. overseas transport of donated medical equipment and supplies.
  2. endowment funds for the long term financial security of the operation.
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