“Why green now? If not now, when? The perfect storm of global climate crisis, dwindling resources, and an unsustainable model of consumer appetite is upon us and growing in urgency. Now is the time for INDIVIDUAL action. Never have everyday choices carried more consequences than right now. Think of the choices we can make – do make – every day as small steps, in either a positive or a negative direction. Each choice can work to benefit you, me, and our whole community – and ultimately, our global environment. How can we make those right choices? One at a time, with the help of this catalog...” (from the Whole Green Catalog)

Some of our personal favorites (that we try to actually do daily…) from the catalog

  1. Housekeeping – p. 4 “Mrs. Meye’s all purpose cleaner”
  2. Food – p. 31 “Cage free, Free range, Certified organic eggs”
  3. Energy – p. 48 “Compact fluorescent lights”
  4. Homebuilding – p. 73 “Radiant floor heating”
  5. Clothing – p. 90 “Donate whatever clothing you can rather than send them to the landfill”
  6. Transportation – p. 108 “Zipcar”
  7. Gardening – p. 128 “Encourage toads to make their home in your garden because they eat pests for lunch”
  8. Appliances, Home Furnishings, Bed and Bath – p. 139 “Induction cook tops”
  9. Recycling – p. 161 “Know your numbers (sort plastics by type)”
  10. Workplace – p. 183 “Paperless, online banking”
  11. Beauty Aids – p. 208 “Aveda ceramic round brush made from 100% post consumer content and manufactured without glue”
  12. Electronics – p. 226 “Avoid phantom loads by unplugging appliances and switching off power”
  13. Outdoors – p. 242 “Then things anglers can do to save the planet”
  14. Travel – p. 249 “Responsible purchases of souvenirs”
  15. Parenting – p. 268 “BPA free silicone and rubber bottle nipples and pacifiers in place of plastic”
  16. Money – p. 307 “Peer to peer lending”
  17. Medicine – p. 326 “Stevia in place of sugar”
  18. Arts/Crafts – p. 370 “What is black and white and green all over? Digital photography.”
In addition, when we are at the store shopping - with our mobile device in hand - we make use of the Good Guide app to help us to decide among products when considering not only price and quality, but also the social and environmental implications of our purchases.

It is important to remind readers that the purpose of Choose Intentional Living is NOT to dictate choice; but rather to encourage mindful choices.  Evaluating pros and cons is a personal and familiar activity.  Those in your extended network can offer helpful input, but ultimately any decision about a purchase is made best by YOU!  Knowledge is power, and you can make a difference in creating a better world when you take time to consider your options.